Hisense Vidda C1 Pro Projector, 4K Triple Laser Projector with Auto Focus 240 HZ for Home Cinema Full 3D Projector

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Hisense Vidda C1 Pro

Lossless Zooming of 4K Optical Zoom Picture
Different from digital zoom mode, RS Pro supports optical zoom. Adjust the image size, lossless resolution and brightness within 1.2-1.5:1 projection ratio
4K Keystone Adjustment
The bandwidth of 4K ladder correction is 4 times higher than 1080p. Thanks to 4K independent trapezoidal correction chip and polar bottom AI algorithm, we achieve 4K ladder correction and maintain the maximum image quality. The ± 45 ° side projection can turn on 4K 3D & MEMC independent chip + Al algorithm
4K Level Global MEMC
The picture is always clear and smooth The dithering and trailing phenomenon of dynamic screen is easier to detect on 4K screen Global MEMC technology with independent image quality chip brings a closer 4K screen experience
Ultra Denoise, More Clear
Improve the fluency of dynamic pictures. Enhance picture details Enhance the level of the picture
Hdr10 + HLG, Give You More Details
HDR 10 and hybrid log gamma * decoding technology supported by the new generation of high-quality video recording equipment are adopted. Provides more dynamic range and image details, with more natural light and shade contrast.
Support 3D Video
You can enjoy the 3D video on your own private cinema anytime.
The magic screen of music and painting
Audio mode now supports global voice search and Bt music. Three kinds of background styles can be customized. Touching melody is in front of your eyes.

The Imagination About Life in the Wall Painting of “any door”
Your wall is the Louvre gallery, It’s window view, scenery, or nostalgic photo wall.
4GB +64GB+240HZ
It has built in 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, also support 240 HZ frequency.
Yes Brightness
2350 ANSI lumens Resolution
3840x2160p, 4KProjection Distance
Lamp : Triple Laser
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